The Crafty Academic: Quiltstuffs and More


My ethos at The Crafty Academic is to make fun, yet functional, “quiltstuffs and more”.  Whether they be zippered pouches, actual quilts, or tote bags, I want you to use the items you’re given or purchase.

Recently, I’ve been making zippered pouches.  This one was for Mary, my sister-in-law, and I created it to her specifications (see * below for information on the fabric).

2016-05-14 17.52.32.jpg

Mary wanted a small pouch to use for “nailstuffs”: clippers, files, nail varnish (i.e. nail polish), etc.  She can use it, wash it (if necessary), and use it again.

My latest project is a baby quilt that another sister-in-law, Breeda, commissioned. She fell in love with the 5×5-inch squares that were on my worktop and decided it would make the perfect gift for a friend whose baby is due later this month.

2016-06-06 18.28.10.jpg

It’s a very simple, scrappy design.  Nothing fancy here, just something whimsical and cute that baby can spit up on or lay on after coming home from the hospital.

2016-07-29 18.28.42.jpg

The assorted fabrics are from the Limerick Quilt Centre (see ** below), while the purple and orange polka dots are from Hickey’s (both the Dublin and Galway stores).

In terms of “quiltstuffs and more”, one item I enjoy making is a tote bag. Who doesn’t need an extra bag when out shopping?  I’m over the moon with this little raw edge applique number that I whipped up.

2016-03-28 16.01.33 (2).jpg

Notice the vines at the side of the bag; they also secure the appliqued heart. I’m interested in drawing attention to the stitching as a reminder that these products are handmade.

I was so thrilled that Vincent Nally, the Merchandise Manager for the Galway International Arts Festival, showcased some of my samples at the Festival Store this year.

2016-07-12 12.47.49.jpg

I’ve worked for the Festival since 2011 as Coordinator of its SELECTED programme, which is offered in conjunction with the National University of Ireland, Galway.  These tote bags and coasters are just the start of my association with the Festival as a craftsperson, and I’m absolutely delighted!

So, that’s a little but about The Crafty Academic’s interest in quiltstuffs and more! Join me in my quest to provide you with original designs for your practical items.  What kind of quiltstuffs would you like to see from The Crafty Academic’s needle?  Let me know below.


* I bought this fabric from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, located in Hamilton, Missouri, in my home county.  If you are an international customer, I highly recommend MSQC. Sometimes, I’ve shipped things from the US and paid for tracking, which ends as soon as the items depart the American shore. But, MSQC ships international orders via Asendia, which tracks the package all the way to your door: fabulous!

**The Limerick Quilt Centre offers a monthly Charm Pack Club.  For about €14 each month (that includes shipping), you receive a mystery package of assorted materials cut into 5×5 inch squares.  I haven’t yet had an opportunity to visit Karen and Maeve in their shop, but they (and their staff) are always friendly and helpful whether over FaceBook Messenger or over the phone.  Highly recommended!

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